Thursday, October 14, 2010



I found a box that had pictures I had out in Brumbaugh and Cedarbrook - 1990.
I got a really nice blog comment this morning from Eat N Park (regarding my frustrated warning from a couple days ago) asking about my experience at the Waterworks location . They asked me to contact them and let them know what happened... Who knew Smiley was a blog reader?!? I love that guy or girl... What IS Smiley, now that I think about it? Regardless, I love that COOKIE - figuratively and literally. Anyway, hoping it was just a bad day at that location - it WAS 10/10/10 afterall. ;-) Just wanted to say I'm still a big fan especially with the new pick up window at the South Hills Village and Monroeville locations and their steps to go "green" at the Waterworks.

Hmmm... 10 AM. Is it too early for a SuperBurger? ;-)

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Eat'n Park said...

Thanks for taking the time to follow up with us. We got your response, and you'll be hearing from our guest relations team very shortly (if you haven't already!). We're very sorry to hear about the frustrating visits you had recently, and we'll be following up with the restaurant and our training team so that the next time you visit, you'll hopefully have a completely different experience! Thanks again for providing your feedback - we value you and your family's business, and you deserve a fantastic experience each and every time you visit.