Thursday, October 28, 2010



She would have been 66 today. She is 25 in this photo .
I was trying to be POSITIVE today... I woke up this morning and said whatever was to happen I would make it a good thing. That lasted for about an hour. To make this day even more special I did a little cosmetic surgery on the Xterra... Let's just say - don't believe the "clearance" sign in the parking garage when you see it.
After almost the entire morning dealing with that and being late for my appointment I went on with my day... I figured, since it was my mother's birthday, I would bring the fall flowers up to Mt. Carmel... It's always nice and sunny when I'm there. Hmmm, that sounds familiar... Really, though - the sun always comes out when I'm there. I did my Mother's grave...
...and all the other ones there... Grandparents and Great Grandparents - Persichetti and Imperi, Spicacci, DiGioia and Kerr, Uncle Vince and the 2 year old Tedesco baby that died in 1925. We never knew him but my Grandmother would always take care of his grave since it was next to her father's stone and my mother and then I have done it ever since. I still remember running down that hill as a little girl and tying palm around that lamb's head.
So I left there happy - at least I didn't get shot or anything - trying to stay positive... ;-)

I went to the grocery store close by there to try to find a real sunflower since my MIL never liked fake flowers... couldn't find one - which I had to explain to the security guard and cart boy who, I guess, "noticed" my every move. As I was walking out they asked why I didn't find something I liked... told them "no sunflowers" - and the cart boy said "if he grew sunflowers in his yard he would go home and get me one." Creepy - yet kind of nice so I took that as a "positive" - and I got in the car minus any flowers... (note to self: don't go there again.)

I went to Good Shephard after that and saw the stone for the first time. It turned out really nice.
I found a piece of bark that looked like a heart.
I was going to take it home with me but decided to leave it in lieu of a sunflower.
I thought it was kind of special.

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