Thursday, October 7, 2010


TOT - Ten on THURSDAY...
I had to suspend TOT on Tuesday because I was about to go all Perkins on Comcast. I have never had as much trouble with computers as I've had in the past two weeks out here in the boondocks.

1. Maybe it's punishment since I'm not supposed to eat corn... just have to say the Sun Chips bag irritates the hell out of me.

2. Remember that squirrel that jumped into that couple's vacation photo and people started photoshopping him into all kinds of random scenes in their own pictures? That was funny.

3. Jake when dropping me off at the Dad's: "I'm just going to go run in the house and get myself a root beer!" I think he thinks there is an unlimited supply at Uncle Ronnie's. ;-)

4. I am absolutely amazed by some of the things I am hearing!!!!! WTF?

5. Remember OK Go's treadmill video??? They have another one with rescue dogs... Check it out here. "...cause nothin' ever doesn't change but nothin' changes much..." Nice.

6. I was cleaning out a cupboard and found all these masks. J9 was on the back of mine. :-)

7. Over at Mila's Daydreams - when pig's fly!

8. All these years and it just dawned on me that "216" is in the Dixon House zip code.

9. I can't remember if these Kandy Kakes were the ones I used to get at that little store in the dorm - can't remember the name of that store either...

10. Look at this little piggy! ;-)

11. I just went downstairs and this random thought came into my head as I turned off the light and the buzzer from the lint tray scared the hell out of me: remember that urban legend where the girl goes into the dorm to get something and fumbles with the lights off so she doesn't wake her roommate and then goes to stay at her boyfriend's place... the next morning she comes back and the police are there and "aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights?" is scribbled on the bathroom mirror! The thought of that scares me all the time.

We might as well just make this TOT a twelve on thursday so...
12. I don't think Lily has figured out she doesn't have to get her collar on to go outside to go potty. She insists both of us take her out at night and will NOT go down the steps herself. If she wasn't so cute I'd be mad about that - her adorableness just makes me pick her up and carry her downstairs. She does NOT have a problem after she goes out, though, and immediately goes to sleep on the Dad.

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