Tuesday, October 19, 2010



1. I got The Dad a new egg dish so we HAD to make deviled eggs.

2. I lose my lens cap at least once a day.

3. I had to take the guys down because I couldn't stand looking at them. ;-(

4. I sent the Cooking Channel an email and told them that with all the people that go to bed hungry in this world, their tag line of "STAY HUNGRY" is completely inappropriate.

5. I remember when I thought she would never sleep in... now I can hardly get her out of bed in the morning.

6. She wanted me to mention this: "'boiled chicken is the yummiest thing in the entire universe!" Wags ~ Lily

7. I love these cotton candy and fairy tale pumpkins!

8. I'm not very good at puzzles but I am a pretty good detective and all the "pieces" are coming together perfectly.

9. I've been to Target three times in the last four days... every time I drive by here I think about how I hate this road...

10.Whenever I bring something back that smells like home - Lily goes crazy.

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