Saturday, October 16, 2010


WHO GOES HOME WITH KEN? With that hairdo I don't know if any of them do... though he might want to just try to hold out for the Bionic Women or the big Amazon girl.
I went through my Barbies... should have probably just thrown them away to gain more space but I couldn't yet. I never really liked Barbie dolls... And I pretty much hated those big baby dolls though I did put Tippy Tumbles back in the closet. I used to bite their noses - some of them still have teeth marks on them. We used to joke and say that's why all the Deasy boys would bite MY nose. Maybe that's why I'm getting punished in the baby department now! Karma's a bitch, I guess.

Anyway, back to Barbie and friends... Who were these tan girls... there's an S on the shorts??? Is it Skipper?
I like creepy dolls but WTF?
I do remember liking some of these outfits...
The yellow and black was always my "business" look - yet still trampy with the black high heeled boots with the leopard cuff... and the red pants and pink jumpsuit girls are forever getting ready to go to the Holiday House to see Tony Orlando. I would like to have a little Sunday afternoon dress like that green one for myself right now. I think my favorite part of going through the box today was finding the little box of extra heads and wigs and some arms! ;-)

I did like these teeny dolls. I'm glad my "Jeannie" can sit Indian style b/c she can hide the fact that she only has one foot these days.
This is Tracy - she likes long walks on the beach, kittens and going roller skating. She was $8.77 at Murphy's.
The Jordache doll.
I don't know who these girls are but the braided hair one scares me. I do remember liking the ballerina.
I did ♥ the Fonz!
I guess it's pretty obvious why it takes me forever to go through a box of toys! ;-)

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