Tuesday, October 26, 2010



1. I've been waiting to download the Hipstamatic App because I thought it said something about needing a 3G phone and I didn't think mine was but I took a chance and am glad I did. It seems like it works fine. Though I'm driving myself crazy trying to find the perfect combination. Photojojo has a guide here with 366 film/lens/flash combinations but I'm still confused.

2. Speaking of phones - I think my original iphone is gasping for breath. Every time I get an email the poor little ding sounds a little sick.

3. I watched Kit Kittredge: An American Girl movie the other day on HBO. Adorable!

4. Remember what I said about my love of school supplies? I was like that all my life. I went through a bunch of stuff from grade school and found all my "duplicate" unused favorite folders and notebooks.

5. I think I may have had the largest order in Community history today. I had three people bagging and they had to get me another cart to put my bags in.

6. I got an HDFS magazine from PSU and it looks like The Wishing Vent may be gone soon...they are putting up a new building in the next year. ;-(

7. Since this is my last week of my thirties (did I actually say that) I'm going to start working on my list of 40 things to do before I turn 41. Inspired by this list here.

8. The little boy next door (he must be about 5 or 6) ran along the fence this morning with Lily before he went to school. I was in my nightgown so I had to run back in the house but I watched them from the door. He kept telling her how cute and smart she was. For all you moms that used ASL to "train" your children it must work because he was "signing" for her to sit. She didn't but it was cute nonetheless.

9. I got a call on my cell phone this morning at 7:16 am. I didn't recognize the NJ, USA number so I let it go to voice mail... this is what I heard (in the best drawn out Jersey accent): "Sorry - wrong number - I was looking for my daughter Tiffany - I don't know - she must have changed her number again - I don't know - sorry about that sweetie { SILENCE } - what the hell did Tiffany do - change her number all these friggin times I turn around?"

10. Look at that tail... is she the cutest little witch ever?

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