Thursday, December 1, 2011



1. I think I have to start wearing a coat! ;-(

2. "Shopping's a cinch without moving an inch." Ain't that the truth? I saw that quote somewhere. Especially true for The Dad and Aunt Gloria because I did all of their shopping for them! I was able to finish all of Lily's shopping too. I have received so many packages so far. Lily reminds me of RoseBud - so excited to see what's in all the boxes. I'm not exactly a newbie when it comes to online shopping - I'll just leave it at that. ;-) I was afraid to do it here though for fear something would be stolen. So far so good - fingers crossed for the rest.

3. I have come across several of these, recently, in junk stores all over. West Bend ice bucket with penguins on it.
I found ours downstairs. Always reminds me of parties here with Regent Pop. ;-) I was looking it up and read "mid century" - that just sounded weird.

4. Before we went on our Black Friday shopping we went to the hospital for lizzie to have some blood work taken. This strange kid with a back pack came in with a box and went up to the check in desk and said his blood needed to be shipped to wherever the label said. We were talking and I don't remember what Katherine said but he asked us if we were with Occupy Pittsburgh?!? I guess we look so anti-establishment! I said no but Lizzie went to an OccuPIE party the other day. A bunch of female journalists got together and made pies. How friggin cute is that?!? He smiled and nodded but I don't think he saw the cuteness of it as much as I did.

5. Lily is so into sleeping on top of me recently. I don't know if she just wants to pin me down so I stay in one place or what it is. She is such a snuggle bud.

6. Here we are the first day of the last month of the year. We didn't follow through with our one adventure a month plan. Never made it to to see the relics and that was first on the list. This weekend is super busy with all kinds of things going on... it's always the case - too many things in one weekend. The cookie walk is in Lawrenceville and the I made it market in bakery square. The Hermitage Victorian house tour... the Irwin Cookie tour... the holiday sale at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, open house at Alexandra's, the all-clad sale and more mosaic time. I'm tired already.

7. Along the lines of #4... pie really is the new cupcake, huh?

8. How many times have I talked about this? Dear, Kraft - Stop making such cute marshmallows! Thanks. ~ J
All I do is buy them and then throw them out when I clean the pantry because they expired.

9. There's always one kid in the family that just won't cooperate when the camera comes out!

10. The run through has started! I made tacos earlier in the week and have enchiladas in the oven now. I've made the chicken tortilla soup many times so I'm totally good with that. I'm not the biggest mexican food fan - that's probably why it took 13 years to get to it! I've had so many other food themes for Christmas. I actually just had a choco taco before dinner. We have Jarritos too!

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