Tuesday, December 13, 2011


TOT - TEN ON TUESDAY (randomness)

1. I bought a new shop set for PDP...
Puppy dogs and flowers = what more could I ask for?!?

2. Yay for Fear Factor's return! If I didn't have to eat yucky stuff or do the underwater stunts I would totally do it. ;-)

3. LOL

4. I have somehow managed to be virtually cluttered... my laptop, photos, and some of my Pinterest boards are a little out of control. I need to start organizing within my boards. I'm going to start with Food Glorious Food.

5. Quite possibly because of #4 - my email hasn't been working on the laptop for weeks. Actually months. I've been using the web version but now that isn't working. Maybe it's the iCloud thing??? It's taking me forever to email myself all the photos on my phone because I can't sync it. I need an IT guy - STAT.

6. I really thought I would be better organized and ready for this Christmas. No such luck. Still so much to do!!!!!

7. I was cleaning out the bar and found a 25-30 year old bottle of Tequila that Uncle Jim & Aunt Marie brought back from a trip to Mexico. At least it fits our Christmas theme! I also found a surprise - this little light changing smore guy holding a star. He was still wrapped up in the bag I brought him home in. I got him in Deep Creek... the bag must have gotten shoved behind the bar when we got home.

8. I watched Dexter for the first time the other night when I couldn't sleep... I like him but thought most of the other acting was horrible. I watched Homeland Security for the first time too - that was good. I seem to only watch television after midnight anymore besides a few elimination/kick off shows. Which reminds me... funny clip of Bill Crawford talking about watching tv.

9. New day dawning...

10. awwww ;-)

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