Monday, December 19, 2011


Shopping Saturday was surprisingly not busy at all - no matter what time (early or late) no one seemed to be out. Yesterday was a different story. Lily and I picked up Cara and we went shopping - it was super busy and crowded everywhere. Cara went to the mall while Lily and I went to the pet store to get her picture taken with the most disheveled Santa around.
Lily is a little disheveled herself but she always looks fetching so no big deal. You can tell a difference with the amount of money you pay for photos... This one was $10 and half of it went to charity... I guess they don't have a lot of money to spring for an authentic looking Santa or props!

Though last year wasn't much better, I guess.
This Santa was a woman, actually.

Her picture package for her first Santa encounter at South Hills Village was $45. This guy may have been directly from the North Pole, though, so money well spent. ;-) Next year we are going back to the mall!
Just so we have all of The Bud's Christmases present and accounted for - here she is soon after we got her - just a little bitty baby.
Anyway, after the photo we went back to the mall and got Cara and did some more shopping - She would sing to her while I went in to some stores and vice versa. Lily had a good old time. She loves being out and seeing new things - she's such a good little pup.

Lily did her own shopping too (she made me go in for her, though) and we ended up at Moio's to get some cookies for her peeps and a little something for us. ;-)

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