Tuesday, December 6, 2011


TOT - TEN ON TUESDAY (Ten random thoughts)

1.Lily and I were outside a little bit ago... she went potty and ran back to the porch and grabbed her frisbee and ran back out - so we played in the rain. I love this little dog.

2. Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in!!! Damn you Kraft marshmallows! I HAD to buy them.

3. I think I want to move to South Dakota.

4. OMG this is kind of bad. I used to like this show, though. Is it still on?

5. Saw this on the way to the cookie walk the other day - another Final Destination like way to die... seriously looked like that one strap on the front was holding that truck... what was worse was everyone's reaction when I went searching for my camera and took both hands off the wheel (while driving) to snap the picture! I really need to stop doing that.

6. LOL...

7. Another LOL -

8. Talk about a positive attitude! All the best, Michelle. You go girl!

9. I won a free night at any Omni Hotel in the country in their Holiday Treat Sweepstakes. I have to check if Bedford Springs is still pet friendly!

10. There are lots of things I miss - painting is one of them. I found some brushes in the gameroom but all my paint is in storage. I really want to take Flora's e-course but I don't know where I would do it with such large canvases and I'm not the best at staying focused on e-courses. Kelly Rae Roberts posted a lovely start to finish video recently - you can watch it here.

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