Sunday, December 18, 2011


Everyone is making fun of me because of my infatuation with lamb butter... which then led to turkey butter which has been freaking everyone out because it just sounds gross every time I say it.

I bought lamb butter for Easter... and then looked everywhere for turkey butter this year - which I never found. It was sold out everywhere I went.

I am now on the hunt for snowman butter (or even Christmas tree butter) which I'm not sure exists but I think would be incredibly adorable if it did. I had visions of me hoarding snowman butter and throwing as many as I could into my cart like I was on Supermarket Sweep. That vision never came to fruition. I did buy a very cute circle mold with a pug in the middle so it looks like we will be having pug butter this Christmas.

Anyway, I had a very strange dream last night and woke up (literally) screaming...

I was driving in the car - my mother was in the back seat - no one else was with us - we were coming from a glass show or a glass making class. I couldn't understand anything she was saying but I remember looking back in the rear view mirror and seeing her. She was speaking clearly but I didn't understand the language or the words weren't making any sense... it went on for awhile. All of a sudden I remember hearing something break and I assumed something we bought fell in the back of the car and broke. I remember looking back and seeing her sitting there looking a little strange and I continued driving. All of a sudden I felt something and realized she had a shard of glass and was rubbing it on the back of my neck trying to either etch something into it or kill me.

I screamed and asked what she was doing and she just said "Lamb of God" while she continued to do it.

Then I woke up.

So - that's my six degrees of lamb butter:
Lamb butter - Turkey butter - Snowman/Christmas tree butter - Pug butter - Dream - Lamb (of God) butter. ;-)

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