Tuesday, December 20, 2011



1. I got my second parking ticket tonight. I had to go to Pinskers to get some kosher wine for a gift. It was packed and I guess I didn't make it out in time. I got this for myself for Hanukkah. I used to wear a red string bracelet some time ago. My "medals" haven't been helping me much lately so I thought I would add this. From the time I was born I had a black ribbon (from my Grandmother) and a red ribbon (from my mom's Jewish friend) tied to my crib... when I got older I pinned medals to my clothes almost every day of my life - a cornicello charm, a mano cornuta charm and a red and black ribbon. In fact, they are poking me right now through my pocket in my jeans. Ouch. ;-)

2. I'm struggling to get everything done or at least scheduled to get done. There's still so much to do - shopping, food shopping, cleaning, cooking, packing things in bins and storing them in the car for a couple days! I'm starting to get a little stressed. Even though we would typically still be doing the floors or in the shower when the first guest arrived, David and I were always so good at the planning and being in sync with the party prep. There are so many non - holiday things going on this week and unexpected doctor visits - there's just not enough time to do it all. I'm trying though. I don't think I've gone to sleep before 3 or 4 in the last week. I JUST WANT TO GO TO BED! The Dad has been cooking for two days - he is hosting a party at work tomorrow - I have to make signs for his buffet line now and find his DeLuca apron - last seen here! ;-)

3. I put money on this target card because I wanted the snowman!

4. Looks like I really messed up my phone... can't get email on it when I'm out - it comes in at home some times - I guess through wifi. I can't send or receive texts either... I think it's safe to say- techie I am not.

5. From time to time I help my imaginary son with his homework over the phone. The other night we went over items for an emergency kit for his wellness class. Totally love this site. I'm going to get a bin (or two or seven) and put a few things together. That's one of my new year's resolutions I plan to actually accomplish. I've been "preparing" a disaster kit since September 11th. so wish me luck.

6. Does anyone watch Homeland on Showtime? I only watched the finale and the episode before it but I think I'm pretty much up to speed. Good show. The character's storage unit number was 1026. After that I must have seen those numbers (one way or the other) 20 times... I'm still a little freaked over the dream about my mother the other night and the other weird stuff that's been going on. I still think there are "people" checking in on us... though some things are being explained a little (see 7 and 8.)

7. Glo's doctor wanted me to bring her in on Monday... there have been too many hallucinations and strange behavior over the last few weeks. It is dementia for sure (at times at least) but they are trying to rule out other things too... I'm going to be very busy for awhile trying to figure out what is going on with everyone - including the pup... ;-(

8. Poor Lily has been blessed with the pug eyes! She needs to be on drops now. She has darkening in her eyes... I've been reading about it and am getting more and more concerned. Our favorite internet pug, Merry, started with that and has gone blind. I read it can happen as early as 3 so I'm concerned. Wondering now if the reason for her freak outs is (at least) partly because of her vision. She's been looking really sad lately and I hate that.

9. I thought the cinnamon M&M's would be a good fit for (Mexican) Christmas. I think they are only available at Target. They are delightful. I didn't know they made these. I don't shop at WalMart much, though, so I may have missed them. I think they were only available there. Why are the eyebrows of the M&M "people" on the outside of their hats, though???

10. Go to google... Type in Let It Snow. Wait a second. Then watch... play in the snow before you defrost it. ;-)

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