Friday, December 2, 2011


Chrissy, Carey, Cara and I went to Lawrenceville today for the cookie tour. There were 34 stops... by my count of recipes we made it to 24..
There may be a few other recipes in my purse but I don't feel like looking now. I think I am about to crash. We all got a little cranky at one point and had to go get a snack at Frankies...
...before getting another wiener...

Wiener dog, that is. Her dad is going away for the weekend so Carey is babysitting Vienna (like the sausage) - little thing was thrown in a dumpster when she was just a baby. I think Lily needs to have a play date with her. After getting her settled in the house we were back out to the I made it market at bakery square and a late dinner at Point Brugge.

You know I'm tired when I can't even think about eating any cupcakes.

Going to bed!

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