Thursday, December 15, 2011



I was up late on the computer. Lily gave up on me hours before and went in with The Dad. Around 3:30 am I went in to kiss her goodnight and she jumped off the bed and followed me in. She jumped on my bed and freaked out!
I grabbed the flashlight and tried to calm her down but she kept trying to back away from something. She wouldn't go to the bottom of the bed at all and kept trying to climb on the pillows on top of my head.
All she did was bark and whimper. Now, The Dad is a freaked out too and keeps saying there's a ghost in the house. He took her outside and she came back in and started barking at me and wouldn't step in the room. Why wouldn't any ghost attached to me be dog friendly? I don't know what's going on... but this little pup is seriously afraid of something.

Cara and I went to Aunt Gloria's tonight to take her shopping and go to dinner. We walked into her apartment and she looked terrible but was ready to go... It was after 6 and she was starving. She asked us if everyone left or if they were still out there. We were confused and asked her what she meant... She said that there were a bunch of people outside... kids running around and playing... the ladies had picnic baskets and were setting up the food and the guys were standing around talking. She said she saw them through the window and then she looked again and there was a guy with glasses looking in her bedroom window. She described everyone, what they were wearing, etc... I specifically asked her what clothes they had on to see if they were in Victorian clothing or present day or something... she said present day. She got in the car and said that there was someone standing in front of her neighbors window looking in... and on our way home she said there was someone in front of the car. We were driving on 28. When I got there I remembered something she told me a couple weeks ago too. She said RoseBud was there. I asked her what she meant and she said RoseBud was on the couch and then told me that her little embroidered pug/teddy bear pillow was moving and barking. I don't know if she is just hallucinating or death is approaching or "people" are coming to visit... This is all getting a little weird.

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