Tuesday, December 27, 2011



1. Mexican Christmas was here and gone...
I hardly took any pictures of Christmas Dinner - not really sure why. I realized it at the end of the night and opened up my camera bag and found a cookie in it. Dante put it there. I don't know if I was too consumed in the kitchen confusion or if it was all the sangria I drank... kind of sad I don't have any food pics.

2. We had some food mishaps... forgot to put a few things out and just as the Zapata's were leaving, Debbie realized we forgot to serve the choco tacos! WTF? Take a look at the bottom shelf, too... after all the searching I finally found it! Funny thing was - I didn't really need butter for anything so we never took them out! ;-)

3. Lily was a little mama and very curious with Deluca... she didn't fuss at all even when he was fussing. I think she wanted him to move over so she could snuggle in the car seat.

4. Aunt Joyce was reminiscing about our Breakfast/PJ party Christmas and Dave's hot chocolate with the candy canes. This year I used the peppermint marshmallows!!!

5. We always stored my Grandmother's handmade aprons (from the 1930s-40s) with our Christmas things... most of the Christmas stuff is still at Dixon House. I found this cute little apron at Pier One. Thought it fit well with our theme.

6. I obviously am trying to fill some void(s) in my life by overbuying for Christmas... I warned them before we went downstairs to not start with me about having too many gifts to open.

7. The Dad got a Wii for Christmas LAST YEAR. Yes, I said LAST year! Terry set it up for him this Christmas and the bowling started - complete with Twin's Nick Perry impersonation.
(One of my childhood memories is from the mid 70s and us having dinner at Hoffstot's with Nick Perry and sitting on his lap at the table.)

8. I'm still a crazy book buying girl. My stack was small this year, though. I have books I bought for Christmas last year re-packed in the amazon boxes they were shipped in. I have no place to put them. I had to limit myself this year... two of these are Lily's - yes I buy my dog books - and sometimes read them to her!

9. Aunt Gloria bought this course for me... I debated on doing it and am still stressing about it because none of my supplies are here and I have limited space to do anything. I'm going to have to make it work, I guess. Seems like a great class.

10. Lily was a crazy dog while opening her presents.
She completely ripped open a bag of treats and partially destroyed the prop I bought her for her pictures. Santa Paws brought her all kinds of cute things...
In the middle of opening presents she took a cheap little dog brush from Marshalls and ran upstairs with it. I guess she really liked it. She's a strange little pup.

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