Saturday, December 24, 2011



I have NOTHING ready for tomorrow. Just can't seem to get with it tonight. I apologize in advance to the people that will be here - this can't possibly turn out ok! I have a few more presents to wrap and I think I am quitting for the night and will just worry about it all tomorrow.

This poor puppy is stressing a little too... I don't think she has been feeling well the last couple days and now it's like she's on the third grade playground trying to pick her team for volleyball!
Glo wants her to sleep in bed with her and keeps telling "RoseBud in Norfolk" stories... The Dad is jealous because she's not with him and keeps whistling for her... from time to time, the Bud jumps off one of the beds to find me and looks at me with this "make it stop" look on her face. I know, pup, I don't like it either.

On a positive note - my choco tacos look cute all in a nice little row.
Here's hoping I become more enthusiastic about all of this tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to all... and to all... a good night.

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