Wednesday, December 14, 2011



I shouldn't really complain because there are many single moms out there that manage to work and take care of their home and responsibilities and cart their children around to where they need to go just fine. Though not my children, the dad and glo and the bud are under my care and, of course, had every unexpected "necessity" in the last week. This is all proving to be too much - along with my own stuff on top of it and Christmas on top of that. I really need to get organized here. I'm starting to spiral out of control.

I met with my therapist this morning and he yelled at me because I didn't have my phone transferred yet. I told him I was working on it but was having computer problems. I have 57 more photos (out of 241) to email and save to a jump drive before I can do anything - so I'm in a bit of a panic over it. There are only 24 hours in a day and I'm up the majority of them and I still haven't had time. Correction - made the time - to finish. There's something wrong with that. I feel like there is a countdown clock tick-tocking away and some alarm is about to go off any minute - well in the next couple days, I guess. I would like to drop everything and take care of all these things but I haven't found a way to do so... if anyone has any suggestions - let me know.

I was up most of the night last night and, when I was ready for bed, The Bud started growling and barking at something again for a long time...
... then she seemed to follow it into the computer room and barked at it some more - at least 20 minutes. There was no stopping her - she seemed really mad.
... Then she kind of stood guard.
Dog fight? IDK - I'm wondering if it's RoseBud checking things out and wondering what's going on here.

After my appointment, I did opt out of a not so necessary day with Glo today so I could try to finish shopping at a quicker pace - I didn't do so great. Well, I never stopped - from morning until night... just didn't meet the deadline. So I was back here dragging in a car load of bags and rewriting my list for tomorrow.

I'm debating on just dropping the phone in the sink and calling it a night. So instead of doing what I should be doing - I'll share some photos from my day....

Note to self: never go to toys r us again. It's trashy and dirty and not one of the employees - which I'm sure were all holiday help - were, in fact, helpful. I talked to four different people and not one of them knew what they were doing. If it wasn't for these two things in my cart (which I randomly came across for ME!) I would have left. ;-)
I totally felt bad for this dog who must have working parent(s) and was put into doggy day care at PetSmart. He just looked so sad and totally wanted to go home.
Snacks while you are shopping are a good thing...
... and that "baby in the cart" picture looks like a spider.

Yeah... more marshmallows. So? And another best invention in my opinion: those 3M hooks.

"Tis the Cheese'n?" Not really. I have not been able to find the winter Kraft mac and cheese. ;-(

I don't know what these Skylanders are but, every time I pass by this display and push that button, I think I want them.
And here's one I took last week...
Awwww. $5.99

And this, my friends, is why I have so many photos on my phone.

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