Monday, December 12, 2011


There were a couple years where the Friday night crew bought out Rolliers "after Christmas sale" of trees. There was a tree in every room at Dixon House - year round. The dining room tree would change for the seasons. I made that tree, actually. It's a dowel I stained and drilled holes in and attached pieces of garland to. It still has the snowmen on it and is down at the bottom of the steps now. A couple others are scattered here and there. Most of them aren't lit because of where they are. We had one little one next to the tv in the living room. I think it's about 3 feet tall - just a little pencil tree. It was always lit. I couldn't bear to bring it to storage - it was simple but actually my favorite. I was talking to a friend the other day who hates sleeping on the couch... I'm just the opposite - I loved falling asleep on the couch with the tree on - not waking up at 2 am to take the dog out - but just taking a little nap. ;-) Anyway, my little favorite tree has been in the garage - with no place to go. I would like to put it in my bedroom but there is not one place for it. It's been in front of my closet for a few days now - waiting for a home - just moving back and forth every time I have to open the doors.
Sadly - it will probably go back to the garage. It used to have a little piece of mink from my Grandmother's old coat wrapped around the base. The dogs would always steal it and run off and play with it. When we were at Dandelions a couple weeks ago I bought some house ornaments for the tree.
I put them on and it just didn't look right. I think it has to stay naked - just the lights. There are more trees still at Dixon House - a big traditional one, an upside down tree, the pug tree and a couple others. I miss my trees and my house and my husband and my ornaments and my Christmases.

Some tree inspiration here.

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