Tuesday, January 11, 2011


TOT - Ten on Tuesday

1. Did you see the similarities with the megamillions and Lost? You would have won $150 if you played them... then possibly would have been a little worried on your next trip to Australia.

2. I got this tree at Dandelions - it reminded me of the little ones that went with the paper Christmas village houses we used to put around the train when I was a little kid... I couldn't pass it up. They had the little houses too (as ornaments) but I wanted a hundred of them so I didn't get any. I think I still have our original ones - just don't know where they are.

3. Back to some numbers... 1-11-11 = 5... 5 is 4 or 1-11-11 = 23... 2+3 = 5...5 is 4...! Haven't done that in awhile.

4. This was a warning saying my facebook page was going to convert over to the new design automatically... thought it was cute.

5. We finally started opening presents...

6. My Saturday night wasn't really what I expected...
I got a late start... didn't start my movie until after midnight... poured a glass of wine (yes, in a champagne glass) and had way too much butter (even for me) on my popcorn. I rented Dinner with Schmucks which I kind of watched while doing ten other things. Lily was so tired she didn't move from the end of the couch so she didn't even snuggle with me. ;-(

7. Good article on BlogHer... and cute line: "I learned that bread is really only a delivery mechanism for real, creamy butter."

8. Lily got two GIANT treats from the furnace guy. She was smitten with him.

9. I MISS MARKET DISTRICT!!! Yes, I'm screaming that in big capital letters!!! I hate all the stores around here. Do you put your bananas in a bag? I don't and I really don't know why. That question is always on my mind when I go shopping. ;-)

10. Would you take a naked yoga class?

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