Sunday, January 9, 2011



I went shopping around Thanksgiving and I overbought all the the turkey day stuff that was on sale on the end caps at Target. You know I love my end caps. Oh (note to self) - don't get peer pressured into buying the Milano Cookie Slices again... you will more than likely eat the whole box. Anyway, we celebrate Thanksgiving with friends so I never used anything here... I've been sick of cranberries and fried onions and bags of stuffing falling out of the pantry! I decided to make Chicken Delight tonight to at least get rid of some stuff.
I don't think I ever made it before... if so it was years and years ago... I usually make Chicken Divine.

I'm back to obsessing about the recipes and making sure everything is documented and saved. Before Christmas I met Theresa DeCaria at a craft show. She was promoting her cookbook The Table My Mother Set... I, of course, had to get a copy for my Dad since he is a "collector" of cookbooks - that sounds better than hoarder, right? It's full of good recipes, great photos and stories of traditions and memories. It reminds me of the DeLuca Family Cookbook I made a couple years ago.
I love food. Maybe a little too much now. I'm either watching it, shopping for it, making it, eating it or cleaning up after it these days. Right after I finish this spumoni (it's 11:46 PM and I don't even like ice cream) so you can see where this is going... I'm going to get back on track. I'm a little afraid to weigh myself... and now I'm afraid to weigh the pup! ;-)

OK - starting tomorrow ~ no more... ;-)

"La piccola cucina fa la casa grande" ~ A small kitchen makes a large home.

You can read more about and buy Theresa's book here and see a preview of the DeLuca Family Recipes Cookbook on Blurb.

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