Wednesday, January 12, 2011



I remember that red snowsuit.

I remember getting all bundled up and making igloos in the front yard with that little plastic block maker thing. I'm sure I have pictures of the igloos somewhere. I used to bring my dog Pepper inside with me. She wore little white boots in the snow and that was way before it was fashionable to put boots on a dog!

I've been sitting by the window watching the snow - with my computer, a pile of paper on my lap and the little pup by my side... all squeezed onto the chair. My view is the same as this photo. It's just 30+ years between then and now.

I remember staying home from school and it snowed so bad a school bus broke down in front of the house and all the kids that didn't walk home came in to call their parents. They were high school kids. I remember them coming in and going in the kitchen one by one to use the phone.

And sled riding at Highland park with my cousins down that really big hill... where are all those pictures?!?!

I remember feeling all safe and warm and liking that you didn't have to or couldn't go anywhere.

And at Dixon, I miss taking the dog out and my boots at the door and forgetting they were there and the mail falling on top of them! ;-)

I like snow days.

Maybe we should go make a snowman.

{photo: me playing in the front yard... 1970 something.}

Just heard that there is snow on the ground in every state except Florida.

We tried to go out and make a snowman earlier today but couldn't make a good one so we had a snow ball fight instead!

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Medifast Coupons said...

And on snow days we made cookies. I lived with my grandmother and she would get all the stuff out and we would bake all day. Maybe go and play in the snow between batches in the oven. Really miss those times!