Tuesday, January 4, 2011


TOT - Ten on Tuesday

1. Lots of ones this year... 1/1/11... 1/11/11... 11/1/11 (My Bday) and the big one 11/11/11. I REALLY need to come up with my 40 things to do before I turn 41 project... Maybe I should just do 11 and call it a day!

2. This question was posed on Etsy a few days ago...

I think MY answer is obvious! ;-) Here are some others that some people would like to get rid of.

3. I just placed a really big order from Dick Blick with a gift certificate I had from LAST Christmas. So thank you - a year later. I told someone I placed an order from here and they were cracking up... It's art supplies people. Calm down.

4. I was trying on clothes a little bit ago and didn't realize this until right now... at this very moment I have my shirt on backwards. It's a V neck.

5. They are selling my favorite cheese at Sam's now... If they just sold those yummy wine crackers by the case that Whole Foods has I would be in heaven.

6. Current status on my email: 3851 messages / 1262 unread. That's just ridiculous.

7. Day of tests for Glo... Betty came with us again - thank goodness. I felt like I needed to wrap Glo in bubble wrap... it's getting pretty difficult to transport her. Anyway, I don't think Betty was in the car for 30 seconds before the word DICK came out of her mouth. Her collapsible step stool she uses to jump in the back seat wasn't even closed yet. She said she needed to get some work done on her 16 year old car and needs money - she wanted to know if 82 was too old to become a prostitute. I said I wasn't sure but being in her same boat I was hoping that 40 wasn't. She said she wasn't sure if it would be the best career now because she has a hard time laying on her back these days and then she told me a story about having sex with her husband when he was in the hospital.... let's just say I'm glad Glo can't hear very well. ;-)

8. I got this little chicken from Fresh Heirlooms. He's made out of paper bags. I would like to have a kitchen to go with it.

9. That cheese I mentioned above... I once pulled over in a Burger King parking lot after buying it at Market District and got out of the car to get it and a box of melba toast and ate it while I was driving. And by once I mean more like twice - at least. ;-)

10. Ali Edwards is doing One Little Word again... What is your word? Mine is truth.

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