Friday, January 28, 2011


Went to Burgatory today... They just opened last week. I would definitely recommend it.

Extremely cute - couldn't have decorated it better myself - liked the trays the food was served on and the big fat straws in the shakes and the dark panels and art on the wall.

Got a little depressed though - just reminded me of what we wanted in our imaginary house. Loved the big garage door and they had some of my favorite chairs - I think they are the same at one of the Wolfgang Puck's maybe. Add the big open kitchen and it would be perfect.

Food should cheer me up but it's kind of been making me sad lately. So admittedly holding back tears at times I ate a somewhat too rare for my taste burger and surprisingly didn't complain about it. I guess it was that good.

Oh - and the caramel pretzel milkshake was really good too.

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