Saturday, January 22, 2011



I guess I'll do my Saturday morning where would I move to if I had to post...

Where can you get God's best creation next to mashed potatoes - BISCUITS - that are as big as a baby's head and as soft as their blankets? The Bluegrass Grill! If that doesn't want to make you move there I don't know what will.

I like that is is close to Monticello and all those places and The Shenandoah Mountains...

It has one of the best walking malls with shops and restaurants and street vendors and different events...and a giant chalkboard celebrating the First Amendment.


I remember seeing lots of dog water bowls outside (not that I would let my dog drink from them but still - it's the thought that counts!) And it has the cutest outdoor seating for all the restaurants.

My life doesn't revolve around food - really, it doesn't.

Though, if I lived there, I do fear that I would overdose on mac and cheese from The Virginian!

(Top photo - "RoseBud" on the table at The Nook.)

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