Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I would bet money that the coffee wasn't even done brewing before I figured out what was soon to come next. With the beginning of the new year, I had a strong feeling that things were about to change. I even felt a need to document it. I figured I should take one last shot of what was...

and then today, as expected, I saw this:

I can't say I'm surprised at all... I mean a year from when he walked out the door is fast approaching. I can honestly say that I will not do this - so no worries. And (notice I did not say but - thanks to Pat) I can also honestly say that what I said here still holds true for me.

I have been begging to talk to my husband... not to change his mind - just to talk... I know a few of you have told him he should but that doesn't and didn't seem to matter. It just seems like we are going about this the wrong way - don't ya think?

I'll think I'll leave it at that for tonight. I just came in from taking Lily out and I'm sitting here freezing - shaking, in fact... I got more bad news about Glo tonight, the furnace isn't working and I'm a nervous wreck for a multitude of reasons...

As I type this, though, I can't help thinking about Carrie Bradshaw and Berger's post it note and how I really liked those old macs...

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