Saturday, February 5, 2011



Let's continue with the where would I move to if I had to theme...

Where can you go see a Polo match, drive your golf cart on a dirt road to Wal-Mart and go see a doo-wop band and get all liquored up in the middle of the street - all in the same day? The Villages!

It's funny - like I said with Glo and her friends... When you get to be a certain age you completly revert back to your younger days... That's pretty much what is is here. You have your cliques and you get jealous of other people's fancy golf carts, you sleep in and play all day, take some classes, eat early, go to happy hour. It's like college again. Who wouldn't want to live here?

I'd have to bring someone with me because I don't exactly fit the age qualifications but I have been rollin with the seniors lately! ;-) Another set back here would be the weather... I like the seasons so I think I would miss that and I don't think seeing other family and friends would be that easy... It's a little too far away and not exactly close to some of my favorite things. It would be hard to travel with the Lily Bud too. Though you are pretty self contained so I don't think it would be that hard to get used to. And when you watch the promo... you'll know why.

Video of The Villages, FL - and if you aren't convinced by that - watch this... and this and this and this!

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