Tuesday, February 22, 2011


TOT - Ten on Tuesday (Stochastic Thoughts... I was sick of saying "random" so I found a synonym.)

1. I forgot to post this picture - taken when it got warm... I was going to call it "I'll be back again someday..."
Willy Melt did, in fact, MELT. better days

2. I didn't think he would come back like this though!
I had an appointment in Oakland this morning. I took me 45 minutes to clean off the car and and hour and a half to get there. So much for 1-3 inches!

3. Passed by this on Sunday and wanted to kill myself... among other things it was complete with 9 over 6 windows and BARN!

4. From Wolfgang Puck's last year... As much as I want to jump in there and eat that french toast (omg - one of my favorite things ever...) I only see one thing.

5. Is it bad that my favorite show on tv and the only one I record is Top Shot on the History Channel... I'm kind of thinking of going for shooting lessons.

6. Come light the menorah.... this has been her favorite toy as of late... she found it downstairs and brought it up with her and has even been bringing it into bed with her!

7. Time for Christmas to go away (the menorah can stay.)

8. Computer problems... lost all my email on the laptop again and how do I keep taking a picture of my screen on the phone? I have no idea how or why this is happening. They just magically appear in my iphoto.

9. Why does she insist on going everywhere BUT where I shoveled???

10. It was a snow day so I ended up meeting for an impromptu lunch today... chicken and noodles ON mashed potatoes ON TOP OF a biscuit...
I thought I died and went to heaven.

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