Sunday, February 6, 2011



It's been awhile since Lily has gone bye bye - besides her doctor's appointments. I think she's getting a little stir crazy. Hopefully when the weather gets better we'll be able to go for walks again. FYI - to a puppy that likes to see the sights a world without sidewalks is very, very terrible.

I walked past a display at the grocery store the other day and thought about all her cute little treat containers that haven't been getting much use lately. I couldn't even find her bag this afternoon - I think it's buried somewhere in the game room with all the other things that I have no idea what is where. Thankfully I managed to find a Vera that did the job and Lily got dressed and ready to go for a ride to her first superbowl party. Here she is trying to get Vinnie to play with her.
We had the standard gold package for dinner... brisket, crispy chicken, rice and pignoli nuts and all the rest. I don't know what was more enticing - the game or the chicken! ;-)

After dinner and dessert (see above) we then had "game food" - per Brother's request. Yeah, we like to eat.

Vinnie and The Lil Bud got along great. She had so much fun.
...and (thanks to sharon) she had a little too much whipped cream.
Some for Vinnie.
Note to self - do NOT let Sharon babysit Lily! ;-)

My Dad's friend sent him this... a funeral home near his house posted this sign.
Looks like it was wrong. The Steelers lost. :-(

Better luck next year.

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