Tuesday, February 8, 2011


TOT - Ten on Tuesday (ramblings)

1. Is it even possible to NOT open Portman's ham in the car?

2. If I type something and misspell a word... I can't just delete up until the misspelled part - I have to delete the whole word so that all the letters go away together... and if a cheerio falls on the floor I have to throw another one away... they must go in pairs. Everyone does that, right?

3. Glo says "Jiminy Christopher" all the time when she is frustrated and I don't know why. Neither does she.

4. I am on a super high dose of Vitamin d - 50,000 IU. I think I may be having some of the toxic symptoms from it. I had to go for blood work for a different issue at the Penn Hills Quest over the weekend. Never again. The girl killed me. I had her take it in the other arm (not the one with this damn Tdap vaccine that is still hurting me) so now I have TWO bad arms!

5. I picked up the journey magazine and the word on the front was truth - I liked that. I have been submitting some articles to different things and will be guest blogging on some sites too - including the3six5 so stay tuned for that and some others - dates to follow. I'm waiting to hear back from something fun so fingers crossed that works out...

6. Lily loved being out for walks on sunday.

7. I couldn't help thinking about Tony Soprano today.

8. This was scary... but I'm wondering why they were taking the video in the first place...

9. My Dad's BiPap machine hasn't been working... the respiratory therapist called to check on things and talk about bringing the new machine out... he asked if I was the daughter that was there for the first installation - CINDY - or was I his other daughter??? Maybe CINDY BRADY is my SISTER!?! Or I am her or she is me!

10. Nose to nose... This little pup is FEARLESS - I don't know if that is good or bad.

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