Tuesday, February 15, 2011


TOT - Ten on Tueday (not so deep thoughts)

1. I was having deja vu a few days ago when I was returning some things from Christmas (yes - I still have Christmas returns.) Anyway, I thought I had already returned something and was looking at the receipt. I didn't, but the name of the original cashier... DEYJA (weird!)

2. I saw this on the parkway a couple weeks ago... The Terrible Tanker.

3. I was watching the Cee Lo/Elton comparison in bed on my laptop - Lily was at the bottom of the bed and heard it and came up and sat next to me. She watched the whole thing (Elton) and when it was over she licked the screen and went back to the bottom of the bed. I swear.

4. You know my dad HAD to say it... "LUKE I'M YOUR FATHER." The respitory therapist said (in his best sarcastic tone) that that was the FIRST time anyone EVER said that to him. ;-)

5. I saw this journal in Wild Card the other day but Chrissy wouldn't let me get it because she said I had too many notebooks half started already with all my ramblings in them.

6. Chrissy is right.

7. I don't even like Harry Potter that much but I really want to see this.

8. We parked in a handicap spot for the first time on monday!

9. I don't have the picture I was looking for on my laptop so this will have to do... Happy Birthday to my favorite pug drawing little girl that somehow turned 18 today...

10. NO MORE PICTURES - thank you very much.

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