Saturday, February 12, 2011


Something really strange happened last night. I went into bed a little before 2 and shortly after I heard a noise like all the power went out but when I checked everything was still on. Actually, I never really "heard" a noise at all - it was just a feeling like everything stopped. I got up and went to the living room thinking maybe the furnace blew up and a ball of fire was going to come up the steps. Nothing happened. I thought maybe I was pushed into another realm - there was just complete silence - no noise at all... until I came back in and heard the BiPap machine. ;-) I finally got back to sleep and woke up at my usual little after 3 (with the worst leg pain I ever had for some reason) and have been up ever since.

I decided to venture out to LoLa still - a little groggy and limping.

We had to stop to eat first - so Tessaro's for burgers...
Divertido had a flood a little while ago and the showroom got destroyed so they were having a sale - that was our "reason" to go down. We followed the ducks to the Back Room of the store...
Had to stop at our usuals... Page Boy (can I live here?)
Dandelions and Wild Card and, of course, Dozen... for a bouquet of valentine cupcakes.
And a last minute stop at the I Made It Market in the Glass Lofts - LOVE the glass garage doors in each unit that open up to the balcony.

FUN day but feeling a little out of it. I think I need a nap (and some motrin) before I go to bed!

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