Monday, February 21, 2011



I guess talking about warm Orlando the other day doesn't actually make you warm... I have been FREEZING the last couple days. Not sure if I'm getting sick or what. I took Glo to start her dental work and had to come right home and go to bed. I have two shirts, a sweater and two blankets on - and a dog on top of me! Still freezing.

I think I've seen one of those "Disney Memories" commercials at least three times in the last hour. I know HGTV is doing something with the garden show coming up but it seems like they've really been pushing the ads on here. As soon as I hear the song my heart sinks to the ground.

My Disney memories... it was the first place I ever flew to - the year we got engaged. I still have the outfit I wore on the plane packed in a box somewhere... the brick, of course, and the honeymoon and the private photo shoot around the park and Mickey telling us he's a "non-alcoholic" mouse... the spa day at the Floridian and the teas... My photos of all the doors in World Showcase... That Valentine's Day when we ate something in EVERY country! The Butcher shop and ALL the other places 2 or 12 or 20 of us went to eat every night. I could go on and on. Some people dream of going there just ONE time in their life and I, honestly, have lost track on how many times I've been there.

When I think of Disney I'll always remember my father-in-law getting off Tower of Terror and, like a sixteen year old, running back in line to ride it again... My Dad almost having a heart attack on the Dinosaur ride and Janel terrified that Epcot was going to burn to the ground during the Millenium Celebration! I'll remember Deanna on stage at the Hoop Dee Doo and singing happy birthday to my mother-in-law after being bombarded with a bunch of ketchup bottles at breakfast and the Deasy boys seeing Epcot a whole different way with their passports.

Every year I would think the same thing as we stood in front of whatever it was in one park or the other... under Spaceship Earth, in front of the Animal Kingdom sign, just inside the entrance to Magic Kingdom... Year after year my father-in-law would swing over the video camera and get his regular camera out and take that picture of the group of us. * ;-) The thought that would cross my mind each time he snapped that shot was that next year would be the year. The year that there would be another stroller to have to position in that picture.

I thought we would have been getting ready to bring a 4 month old on his or her first Disney trip this year - That will be my memory for this year. And there will be one thing I'll always think about when I think of Disney. I'll never get to say Surprise - we're going to Disney World to my own kids like they do in those commercials. I won't get to walk in holding the hand of my daughter while she twirls around wearing her Cinderella gown or buy my son his first set of ears. I did get to walk in holding David's hand so many times and the hands of a lot of nieces and nephews, though, which was just as special but it will never be the same. And that's why my heart sinks when I hear that song.

* I don't have any of those pictures here ;-( but I did have some I took of the castle...

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