Tuesday, February 1, 2011


TOT - Ten on Tuesday (random thoughts)

1. I had a doctor's appointment today and I pulled into the parking space and looked up and started laughing...
...all I "saw" was Danny Macioce "blowing in the wind" on that tree in front of Uno's. God I think that was 22 years ago!

2. I watch the Fugitive whenever it is on tv.

3. I'm tired! I am averaging about three or four hours of sleep a night I think - if I'm lucky. No matter if I go to bed at 10 or 1 - I usually get up somewhere between 2 and 3 AM every night and can't go back to sleep. Last night I woke up in a panic again thinking it was morning and it was only 1:25 am. I thought the dog stopped breathing so I shook her until she woke up. Then I fell asleep and woke up again at 2:51 and couldn't go back to sleep. 1s-2s and 5s now...

4. At the vets... they have a little handwritten piece of paper taped on the side of this that says "cats too." I guess they don't want to play favorites.

5. I was at the giant eagle in penn hills late last night with all the other wackos stocking up for the (non existent) storm - there was this young kid behind me struggling to hold two bags of salt. I had a zillion things in my cart so I told him he could go ahead of me. He looked at me funny and I thought he was going to say something mean and he just said "are you really serious?" I was like yes go ahead and he thanked me the whole time he was standing there -even made awkward small talk about the ice that was supposed to come. He was done and thanked me again and said that was really nice. That happened to me before and I can't remember if it was there or not. I felt good and bad at the same time.

6. Glo said something to me yesterday that broke my heart more than it already is. She said, "now that he left I guess I'm never going to make it to Washington, DC." ;-(

7. Is she ever going to grow out of this?!?

8. You know what I miss? Tracking my husband's flights when he went away. I loved Flight Aware. Some may think that was a little psycho (ok and paranoid!) but it was comforting and always put my mind at ease to know he was safe and I would email or text a little "Welcome to Wherever" when I knew the flight landed.

9. Go me! Last week I got a new dvr box and one of those little baby boxes and set them up all by myself. Well I had a little tech support from Chrissy who after her fourteenth one has become proficient in the installation of these things. ;-) For the most part, though, it was all me! I even figured out how to get the time to display. Every time I see the little box it reminds me of some sort of surveillance cam and kind of freaks me out.

10. Glo had an appointment yesterday - last minute Betty decided to come with us - thank god. She's a BIG help especially with getting her in and out of the car. It's hard to do it myself. I had to drop them off and park on the street. I have never parallel parked as much before in my life!!! Last week I even did it on the left hand side of the street in aspinwall - twice! Anyway, I haven't been to Shadyside Hospital since Mum was there so that was weird. I had two opposite sides of the 80 year old spectrum with me. Glo is getting more and more feeble it seems and Betty is just the opposite. She told me a story about when she learned how to smoke "the marijuana." After the appointment we ended up at Starlite Lounge. Betty went in and ordered herself a Seagrams 7 and a beer and we had dinner - me and two old ladies in a dive bar in Blawnox - doesn't get much funnier than that.

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