Wednesday, February 9, 2011



I've been feeling like an old tv lately... with bits and pieces of my life flickering on and off before my eyes. Reminded by little moments in time - a piece of paper found with an old list of stuff to do at Dixon House... imaginary house plans and sketches for the cd cabinet doors... a card never sent... Bits and pieces of a life unfinished stacked in folders and thrown in boxes. As much that is here is there... it's too much and none of it means anything.

I don't know where to begin with all of it... or end.

* Since valentine's day is fast approaching I thought I would post the picture of Lily above... click to enlarge to see the ♥ she would make on her forehead when she scrunched her face up just so. ;-) I'm embarrassed to say that there was a time when I kind of didn't want her... she was really dark when she was a puppy - she had a lot of black in her for being a fawn pug.
I thought she was a freak dog and a little weird looking and kind of wanted to send her back. She wasn't exactly what I thought she would be. I'm glad I didn't give up on her though. She's such a good puppy dog. She lightened up a lot and some of the darkness faded - it's hard to find the heart anymore but every time I look at her I still see it.

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