Tuesday, April 19, 2011


TOT - Ten on Tuesday

1. Passover dinner tonight. We are all full of Manischewitz and Matzos. Lily is full of something else - after Sabrina ate her dinner (oops) Carey gave Lily her first taste of duck. You would have thought she died and went to heaven. She loved it.

2. Sharon posted this on facebook the other day... The Power of Words. It's worth watching.

3. Font choice gone bad... ;-)

4. I tried Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat beer the other night. I don't know what Fruity Pebbles taste like so can't compare it to that but I didn't hate it.

5. I always wanted a panic room.

6. Here's Glo with her birthday cake shake for her 83rd birthday saturday night...
Her fortune cookie was appropriate for a birthday - "Your wish is about to come true." Mine was a little strange... It was cut in half! Don't know what the beginning is supposed to read but here's the last part. "... trouble to praise people." Seriously - who gets half a fortune?

7. Hey Diddle Diddle...

8. Mason jars make me smile... I have a nice little collection going on here.

9. Plum High School's lip dub video for the Penguins - J around 4:20.

10. Words to live by...

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