Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm not a big follower of The Royal Family but I will admit I sat in bed with Lily and watched the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton...
...and I wore my tiara too! I remember watching Diana and Fergie get married and I clearly remember watching the television the night Diana died - I was sitting on the couch here... I think Dave and Dan were out that night.

Even if you're not really into it, how could you not want to see what dress was chosen or if Kate would leave "obey" out of the vows like Diana did? Besides that, how could you not want to see all the lovely hats? Well maybe not the hats on Fergie's girls! ;-)

With all this wedding talk in the air - I couldn't resist thinking about our wedding. I helped on a history/geneology project last night...
The Dad even made biscotti for extra credit! We were working on the family tree and I was reading an insert that came with some scrapbook papers... It read: "if an individual has been divorced, you can make a simple notation in the tree. Include the ex's ancestry only if there were children from the union." I can't tell you how horrible that made me feel - that in a short time I will literally be erased out of the family that I felt so much a part of for the last twenty+ years - plucked right off the tree like our wedding never existed. All that money and planning that both of us put into that day... the care and attention to detail that even with 400 people - made everyone feel like they were a part of it.

It's funny how love can make you go head over hills like this guy and make your head hurt like this little bridesmaid... ;-)

I have to say that the trees that were brought into Westminster Abbey took my breath away...

This, though, was my favorite moment from the wedding - on the balcony, after the kiss (or I guess I should say kisses) they were walking back in and she looked back at the crowd... like let me just take one more look so I can remember this...
A photo taken with her eyes, if you will. ;-)

So, congratulations to the happy couple... may they live happily ever after. ♥

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