Tuesday, April 5, 2011


TOT - Ten on Tuesday (ten random things that crossed my mind)

1. I always wanted to work at Sea World even though I'm not the biggest fan of water... I was a big fan of Clyde and Seymour. Everyone thinks I'm such a spoiled brat that got everything I asked for... all I ever wanted was an otter. I never got one. ;-)

2. For weeks I have been trying to think of the name of the place in DC where we got smores - many years ago. I remember hearing about this place that served them tableside and being really excited to find one - why I didn't google it sooner I don't know. It was Cosi! We started doing our own after that with a piggy hibachi.

3. I don't know what to do with this poor pupperoni. She likes her new fishy food but not sure that the food is the (allergy) problem. She's scratching her face up pretty bad when I'm not here. I'm still blaming the stupid carpet but I'm wondering if it is outside too. She needs to get out more so this is going to be one big problem.

4. Every time I pass this place I think of Norfolk... ;-) Is that weird I added a ;-) there?

5. Did everyone and their mother use Epsilon for their emails?!? I think I got 6 or 7 notificatons so far... here's hoping I don't get a thousand spam emails now. My email is out of control as it is... 5612 messages and 3093 unread. And I STILL can't get my email the normal way. I am so not computer literate. Glad I got the stupid back up drive that I don't know how to work too - actually - where the heck did I even put that?

6. Every second matters.

7. The Dad's prediction that the "man lady" would be the one to go home on Dancing With The Stars proved to be correct.

8. Along with that otter I spoke of above, I guess I always wanted a sea horse and star fish and that little baby shark I fell in love with when I was about five or six years old at that place in the penn hills shopping center... why can't I remember that store name? I swear my brain is broken. Anyway, all water things. Weird.

9. This little suburban girl has never parallel parked so much before in her life. I'm actually getting quite good at it too.

10. He's been dead for almost twenty years now but every time Aunt Gloria would say that Uncle Norman was going out with his friends, Bert and Ernie, I would think it was so funny. ;-)

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