Saturday, April 30, 2011



Here I am with another after midnight / after party coffee... ;-) Today was Janel's sixteenth birthday... she wanted Uncle Ronnie's meatballs!
Wait a minute... Did I just say that - sixteen?!?!?! It seems like about twenty minutes ago Debbie walked in here and plopped her car seat down for her "first friday" here.

Here she is all those years later "thanking" her facebook friends for her birthday wishes.
Lily and Uncle Jimmy were best buds as usual...
I'm not sure if the little pup is feeling well...
She got up in the middle of the night and peed in The Dad's room... tonight she came in from outside and peed in the middle of the living room while everyone was eating. I can't tell if she is sick or just being a bitch... you know how kids from single parent families can be.

Just because it's so pretty - check out Barbie's salad...
... and J's cute cake.
Cheers, Janel!
Happy Sweet 16... I'm sure it will seem like twenty minutes from now we'll be celebrating your 21st.

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