Thursday, April 7, 2011



I had a hard time leaving last night. I didn't want to be without the Bud. I left notes with directions - which doors to close... how to turn on the tv... when to give the allergy pills and fill the water bowl... "make sure she doesn't choke on her treat when you leave..." I said all that as a reminder in case I died or until I got back - whichever came first. ;-) After all of that, I got to Chrissy's late, of course. We stayed up and watched a movie - you would never believe which one! After barely staying awake until the end we went to bed. It was fun to have a little sleepover. I put my pajamas on - got my catalogs and magazines and journal and pen and settled into bed. It was like being home minus the puppy and like a hotel - well, minus the hotel. We got up early and were on our way to State College.

We stopped at the visitors center because if there is something that we both need - it's brochures and travel info. Neither one of us has enough.
I came home and weighed my bag. It was 7 lb! ;-) I am completely serious. If I wasn't so tired I would totally make coffee and read them all.

It seems like yesterday that we all went up there for Lizzie's orientation and to see the dorms and we ate in the dining hall and showed everyone the milk dispensers! She'll be graduating a little over a month from now. As many times as we've been back and forth moving her in and out of the dorms, Cedarbrook and the house it still seems like it was yesterday. I remember it - vividly - just as I remember when I started there too - all agitated and mad... Dave and Steve coming to my rescue.

We fit in some of our old favorites - the Vera store and Avant Garden and Kitchen Caboodle.. We went to The Skeller for lunch and upon moving the condiments and other items to make a little more room I stumbled upon this on the table. My initials!
We went to The Autoport for dinner... they have really cute sinks in the bathrooms.

Yes, I have been known to take pictures of bathroom sinks on more than one occasion!

We, predictably, filled the car with treats - bread from Gemmeli's and finally tried Sugar on Top for cupcakes. (The pancake and bacon cupcake and dirt cupcake were very good - still have a couple more to try but so far - favorite CC place in PSU.) We stopped in to The Collegian to say hi to the crew and we met the girl that will be the new EIC. Lizzie said the wishing vent has been blocked off due to some construction so we didn't make any wishes today. ;-(

There are a lot of changes going on on campus - some magnificent HUGE buildings going up... When you look around, though, it's still the same - only the date has changed. I smiled more than I "cried" today which was a good thing, I think. Still, though, around every corner and every building and every road it's like HOME. I would seriously consider moving back up there. We were walking back to the car after getting ice cream and I looked down the street and laughed - thinking about that walk from south to east halls - past the Natatorium... I still say that was an aardvark! ;-)

Oh - somewhere in this long day we DID manage to fit in what we actually went up there for. Lizzie won the Katey Lehman Creative Writing Award in Journalism. The English Department had the awards ceremony today.
Congratulations Lizzie on your first place win!

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