Sunday, April 24, 2011


For as smooth and error free as yesterday went - today was just the opposite. I must have had too much midnight coffee last night because I was up almost the entire night. I had nothing ready for my appointment... I couldn't find my script... I was literally filling the papers out in the car... I got there and the doctor was an hour late. It was worth it, though, because I think he may have been the nicest man I ever met. He, of course, asked if there was a relation to the Dr. and he told me that his father, a pharmacist from penn hills, was very good friends with Romeo back in the day. He did the exam and he said we should do the MRI today. I was a little shocked because I thought he was just going to blow me off and say it's just anxiety and to go home and calm down - so I just said OK and was brought back in the tube. Long story short - no MS... there's a few more tests to do but it looks like it's migraines. I just took my first anti-depressant so we'll see how that works out.

I went straight to the bar after the appointment.

The Genius Bar, that is. I woke up and my laptop battery wasn't working... I freaked because I didn't know how to use the backup drive and I was afraid I was going to lose everything so I scheduled something at the Apple store. He fixed my battery and my charger and my backup drive and even got my mail to work. Thanks, Derrick.

I came out and this father and son hillbilly family pulled up next to me in this giant red truck - They were right NEXT TO ME - like on top of me. Luckily, they were having a hard time figuring out how to work the pay station so I went up to them... They looked at me like I was going to go all Perkins on them... I think they were shocked when I asked them for help getting out of the spot and to guide me out so I didn't hit them. I bet that was the first time they talked to a city girl like me. ;-)

I did all this and Glo was still at the house... so much for my imaginary 30 minute appointment I thought I was going to have. I never thought I would be there for three hours. By the time I came back it was time to leave for the Apple store. I came home bearing ice cream sandwiches and offered one to Glo and she laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world and questioned WHY I was eating ice cream sandwiches at THAT hour of the morning. I asked her what time it was and she said it was 9:30 am (it was really 4:30!) So, my sleeping over plan didn't work out as expected and poor Glo got late checkout.

Anyway, these guys were on Ellen today while I was in the waiting room. I can't get it out of my head and must go to sleep now - I think these pills are knocking me out. I am getting very sleepy. ;-)

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