Friday, July 1, 2011


We used to go over my Uncle's house for the fourth of july when I was little... The 4th was my cousin's birthday. We would go swimming and have a fireworks show.
It seems like yesterday when we would all go down the house - to my grandparent's house. Now all my cousin's have kids of their own... Michael's even a grandfather!

Kenny and Cathy had Perry's high school graduation party tonight... Cathy had a cute little table set up like she did for Alexis...
She had his school papers and drawings and art projects - even his ultrasound and his little cast.
Janel was looking all cute and talking to boys! ;-) Wasn't it just yesterday when she was a little bunny and would have "time outs" in Gypsy's dog bed on friday nights??? Robbie was talking about my Dad's 50th birthday party... 20 years ago!!!

In the blink of an eye, it seems, we went from 50 to 70... from babies to graduates... and, for me, from this question...
... to so many others.

Even as we speak... now, after midnight, I was greeted with another passage of time.

I'm tired. I guess I'll save that for tomorrow...

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