Tuesday, July 12, 2011


TOT (Ten on Tuesday)

1. Second procedure for The Dad went well today! Be grateful his foot is in the way - there are some things a girl just shouldn't see!
After I got the call from the doctor saying things were fine it was 7 friggin hours of waiting for the dad to pee again - which he didn't - so we're home with another damn catheter... poor puppy thought we abandoned her - we were gone for 11 hours+! She was waiting by the steps. All I thought of were those poor animals on September 11th that were waiting for their people to come home and had to drink from the pans of the refrigerator because they didn't have any water.

2. The waiting area reminds me of Norfolk a little - not as nice but there were couches and cubbies - no computers. I would hunker down at the tables and spread all my folders and notebooks out. It's a funny thing watching all the people in the waiting room - there's a combination of so many emotions - being afraid and frustrated and hopeful and hopeless... the trust that's put into the doctors... I was the only one that was there by myself which I kind of found weird - last week too. In fact, when we checked in they asked if more family was coming? Thought that was strange.
Anyway, it was funny to see a group of random people burst into simultaneous laughter when the girl at the desk walked around asking if the Harry Ball Family was in there. Fortunately, they must have been at lunch!

3. I saw the Google Map car the other day...

4. I don't know if it's the mama or the little one I saw awhile ago but I'm starting to get afraid letting the dog out... I have to go out first and check for groundhogs! I've been seeing one in the yard a little too often and it looks like it's eating our broccoli!

5. I want an IPad because of this. Love this guy.

6. I have been on a mission to get Lily a life jacket... having a really hard time. She's too big for the small...
...and too small for a medium. Have to try another brand - Body Glove obviously doesn't fit her. She kind of looks like a teenage mutant ninga pug in this.

7. I miss my garden.

8. There is no such thing as "just a dog..." For anyone that has lost a dog - there's a good article (and comments) here at BlogHer.

9. I was thinking my tennis elbow problems were because of the sleeping habits of a 20 pound dog laying on my arm every morning.
I've been trying to watch how we've been sleeping. I don't know if she resorted to sleeping on my neck now or what but I woke up yesterday and couldn't move and it has gotten significantly worse. I think I may have meningitis! I can hardly move at all now and am hoping that it gets better or I may be the one calling 911 tomorrow. The Dad made me cancel all my plans and appointments tomorrow because he didn't want to be left alone. I thought that was silly until I thought about the day we found out there was no heartbeat at the ultrasound and how I didn't want to be left alone. So, I canceled my plans for tomorrow.

10. There are some nice little areas outside the hospital.
I liked this statue...
"With compassion he listened to all" - Victor Salmones - Mexico City 1972

When we got home The Dad went outside and I brought Lily out to go potty... he said to me "maybe she'll sleep with me tonight." Guess where she is now... With him.

Good Puppy.

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