Thursday, July 21, 2011


That goes for a lot of things... especially today - I can come up with several. I don't really feel like getting into most of them right now. Here's one though.

I went to the dollar store for poopie bags for the bud. They only had two boxes... I came home with 18 other things. Probably 16 of those I really didn't need - that includes 3 boxes of peanut chews. Another thing I didn't need was this:
Am I ever going to stop buying stuff for my imaginary kids??? The stuff - little or big - that gets tucked in a drawer or put in a bag for someday. ;-(

For awhile now it's been month by month waiting and being disappointed over an over. Now time is ticking for a different reason. Just as bad - actually worse and I'm still buying these silly things knowing full well that they'll never be used. I did stop myself from buying this outfit last week...
It was very difficult to resist - and this was even worse!
I did "save" them on my computer along with so many other "things" which is probably why my hard drive is full and I can't download the 300 pictures I have on my phone! I've been debating if deleting everything everywhere would make things better. I waver back and forth with the thought of that - I usually talk myself into waiting a little more before I do that like I'm talking myself out of jumping off a building and the bud licks away my tears yet again until the next time I consider it. I know this isn't the most terrible thing ever - I just don't see this every going away for me and think I just may be at the end of my proverbial rope.

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