Friday, July 15, 2011



There were a ton of dogs out for the Pup Crawl tonight. The walk was over the Roberto Clemente Bridge...
...and down by the river...
I didn't get very many pictures of The Bud. There was a pretty blonde running around taking pictures with her phone... we didn't even realize who it was at first but if someone can get Sally Wiggin's cell phone - she took a ton!

We only saw one other pug there - a black one. There were a couple puggles. A little 6 mos old pug, Penny, was having dinner with her people over at Atria's. Another lady came running out of one of the other restaurants - she wanted to take Lily's picture - she has a pug at home - her name just so happened to be Lily, too. I only saw one doggy stroller there... I kind of wish I had one, though. I had to pick Lily up a couple times - she's just a little puppy!

I think it's time for bed. There's one pooped little girl in the house right about now. The dog's pretty tired, too. ;-)

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