Sunday, July 10, 2011



RoseBud has been on my mind lately... every time I go into a store it seems like that Colbie Caillat song - Bubbly - is playing. I'm not sure why - it's pretty old. Right after RoseBud died I asked at the emergency vet if they would take some pawprints for me. We went to the office store to get notecards and an ink pad. That song was playing when we walked in and I feel like it has followed me ever since.

If I take a certain route to Target - it's the same way as that hectic day when she collapsed in my arms. I was thinking about how she peed all over me and I didn't even realize until we got to the vets... sometimes when I look down at my car seat I can "hear" that whole ride in my head and me screaming we love you RoseBud over and over again. It's always like the day it happened.

I don't think I can talk about this anymore right now so I'm done for tonight.

We love you, RoseBud. ♥

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