Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today seemed like it was all about food... Had an appointment with our nutritionist. I lost one pound and the teacher's pet-show off lost ten. He lies to her every time we go, too, and he still ends up getting hugs and a gold star. I thought I gained ten after the last two weeks so I guess it wasn't too bad. We ran late so The Dad had to come to our monthly girl lunch. 2 other boys - Terry and another girl's husband - came too since we bent the rules this time. Went to the Double Wide Grill. I got the pulled pork. It was good. Any place with garage doors is good in my book.

The Dad wants a vending license. He's been seriously talking about it for a couple months now. I'm debating on full out restaurant, though. Need to think this through a little bit more...

To round out the night we ended up at st john's fair because we won on those pull tickets the other night... that was the reason we were going back. I left them on the dining room table, of course, so so much for that! I did come home with 10 cookbooks from the junk sale...
... because, you know, there's not enough cookbooks in this house already.

We got funnel cakes - which was the real reason we went, I think. I didn't bother to figure out how many bread equivalents they were! I got popcorn right before we left... As I gave her my dollar and she handed me the box I got very sad... crazy, I know. Yes, it was because of the popcorn.
Everything kind of went in slow motion after that... there are always a ton of pregnant girls there, it seems. And a ton of strollers. I remember the last couple years noticing that - for me, it's just another measure of time which always kind of takes my breath away.

I did get to come home to this, though, which made things a little better.

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