Sunday, July 31, 2011


"DOGS GONE WILD" - lake house edition
Featuring Lily the Pug and Sabrina the Doberman.
I captured these two little doggies - well one little and one big - having some fun a few nights ago.

I wasn't quite sure how Lily would do having another dog around all the time... turns out they were BFFs!

They graciously posed for pictures...
Like they had a choice! ;-)
Lily asked Sabrina to play dress up...
Sabrina was excited to do so... something like that, at least.
They always waited patiently for dinner...
...and would help clean each other's dishes.
They would sit and talk before dessert.
The funniest thing was Lily would drink out of Sabrina's big giant bowl and Sabrina would drink out of Lily's teeny tiny bowl - almost every single time they got a drink of water!
They shared their toys with each other...
Lily did tear apart the head of Sabrina's most favorite toy, though...
SORRY gay pride lion and BAD LILY!

If anything ever went missing we knew where to look -Lily's Lair. It was her own little pug cave. She "hid" everything she could manage to get her paws on underneath the dining room table...her toys, Sabrina's toys, socks, Brother's shirt - at one point we caught her dragging a fly swatter under there...
Overall, though, she was pretty good and I think the pups had a fun time together.

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