Monday, July 18, 2011


I never did like mondays - so much so that I often took mondays off from (grade and high) school. We were usually over my aunt and uncle's house anyway having dinner on sunday night and would get home really late. We would be tired and I wouldn't know what I was going to wear or my nails weren't done - back in the day I could put on a full set of nails like a professional. ;-) Let's just say I had a lot of "ear infections" on mondays when I was little.

Anyway, really hot today and a lot of rain - thank goodness... I've been forgetting about my poor plants. Washington Boulevard turned into a little bit of a river, though. I was waiting for things to go floating away here. If so, I think we would have been prepared. I just may have found a life vest that fits!
She's happier about it than she looks. ;-)

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