Friday, July 22, 2011


I tried to get to Glo's tonight to fix her pills and got a little scared - between my ABS and my tires I was afraid to go any further... I didn't want to get stuck on that side of town. The rain stopped for a bit so I decided to turn around and go to Sam's for ribs... just as I got there they were covering up their meat cases because the power had gone out right before. Seriously?!? I was cracking up. ;-) I should have just gotten swept away in a current on Shannon Road.

Another guy that is in water over his head is Rudy... I don't know many but he's a good fish. He gets really excited when it's time to eat... a couple times I thought he was going to jump right out of his bowl. I did feel bad leaving this bag of dog treats next to him, though.
They are herring treats! My bad - that was kind of mean. ;-) Anyway, your time here was fun, Rudy. Good fishy.

Oh - just for the record... the medium is too big for this little girl...
...and by the looks of this picture - she is officially DONE with this game!

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