Friday, July 8, 2011


I don't even know where to start. The Dad didn't make it to the ER yesterday but he did TONIGHT! I don't even know what the hell actually happened but the bag wasn't filling and he thought the balloon broke again so I had no choice but to have him call the doctor again and see what he thought... He told us to go to the ER.
There were about 3000 people in there. It was packed. We waited about 45 minutes and then I heard some commotion. I honestly didn't expect his doctor to come in and was surprised to see him. HE was surprised that his patient wasn't brought back to a room yet and was a little - actually VERY - upset about it and threw a small fit. We never even made it to triage - just signed his name and I got a pass... The doctor came over to me and kind of nodded and said can you push that thing? I was a little confused and was like yeah (it's a wheelchair - I think I can handle it) and he said come here and we ended up going in a room...
Yeah, you read that right. I filled the room "number" in when we got home. I swear on RoseBud - we went in the bathroom. I don't even know if that was legal or sterile or what!? He changed the catheter and wheeled him out and that was it. I asked what we should do and he just said to go and he'd take care of it. So I did. I was waiting for the valet and one of the girls came running out and asked if we were just leaving and not checking out??? I told her I wasn't actually sure we checked in!

I'm still kind of creeped out at the germiness of it all... I don't really know what all went down in the bathroom - I was welcome to stay I just couldn't fit. This is all so ridiculous I can't even stand it.

Is it Tuesday yet?

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